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Eco-construction of a wooden-made and bioclimatic operations building at Aubevoye’s water treatment plant
Aubevoye’s water treatment plant meets the requirements of the innovative HQE process, offering a bioclimatic operations building with a Douglas pine tree wooden frame. The natural and high performance materials used enable a safe, comfortable and long-lasting construction which is also positive-energy thanks to a photovoltaic roof. The building is oriented on a North/South axis, benefiting from an optimal sunshine over the winter, while in summer the heat is dissipated thanks to the dual-flow ventilation system and the sun-breaker devices on the roof. The building is...
Projet MADRE "Agriculture métropolitaine pour le développement d'une économie innovante, durable et responsable"
MADRE is a European territorial cooperation project (Interreg MED), which aims to change the metropolitan food supply model by capitalising on existing good practices, by empowering the different stakeholders in metropolitan and peri-urban agriculture, and by initiating a dynamic of transnational cooperation in the MED region. Considered as an emerging phenomenon, metropolitan agriculture makes it possible to meet several urban challenges by contributing to food security, job creation, environmental quality or strengthening social ties and territorial solidarity between...
Fieldset the referral French online website on the ventilation of buildings
With the aim of providing construction stakeholders with all the resources on the regulations related to ventilation, the website is mainly addressed to professionals intervening since the creation and the prescription until the delivery and maintenance of ventilation systems.   It contains both an exhaustive and accessible presentation of the technical principles of the ventilation, the complete and up-to-date regulations, neutral and reliable news regarding regulations, an extensive bibliography with studies and reference guides on the subject...
La Toile énergétique: the Dunkirk area energetic relations network
Developed in 2018, La Toile énergétique (“Energy web”) charts the energy flows between different actors in Dunkirk’s employment area. This observation tool is inspired by la Toile industrielle “Industry web” , previously developed by AGUR. La Toile énergétique explains in the most intelligible way the route followed by energy on the territory: from the arrival of raw material, through its injection in local or national grids -   until its final consumption. The tool is dedicated to all the actors involved in the energy transition. It is used during strategic meetings gathering...
The Covenant of Mayors in Sub-Saharan Africa
The Covenant of Mayors in Sub-Saharan Africa (CoM SSA) is an initiative founded by European Union (EU) to support Sub-Saharan Africa cities in their fight against climate change through a voluntary commitment.It is a bottom-up initiative that allows cities to define and meet ambitious and realistic targets set by themselves in line with the covenant methodology. The main objective of the Covenant of Mayors in Sub-Saharan Africa is to increase the capacities of cities to provide access to sufficient, sustainable and safe energy related services to urban and peri-urban populations (...
Recytal®-ARM, une solution d’entretien des routes « bas-carbone » au liant végétal
Eiffage Route, the road subsidiary of the Eiffage Group's Infrastructures division, attaches a strategic importance to respect for the environment. Also, while reducing the use of fossil fuels and fossil-based resources is essential, the R & D teams of Eiffage Route, which has its own research and study centers in Ciry-Salsogne in Aisne and at Corbas near Lyon, succeeded in substituting plant materials for bitumen and regenerating materials by means of plant binders not derived from petroleum.   Thus, in July 2018, Eiffage Route developed and tested in...
Eiffage launches Sekoya : the first carbon & climate platform entirely dedicated to low-carbon materials and processes
Eiffage, which has made innovation and ecological transition two of the pillars of its strategic plan, is setting up, in partnership with Impulse Partners, a specialist in construction innovation, "Sekoya", a carbon & climate platform entirely dedicated to low carbon materials and processes.   With climate change becoming a reality, Eiffage is committed to a low-carbon strategy. The Group wants to be exemplary, starting with curbing its own emissions, but as a construction sector leader, it also intends to support its customers in reducing their own carbon footprints,...
Dynamic bus lanes, real-time road sharing for mobility
This is a first in France to reconcile improving the fluidity of public transport and traffic in constrained areas. In 2017, in Lyon, the Eiffage Énergie Systèmes teams tested a dynamic bus lane: one of the lanes, lined with red Leds on the ground, was temporarily reserved for buses, detected upstream with appropriate equipment. Motorists were invited to fall back on the left lane.
Urban Resources Management : making smart choices for the evolution of the city
The URM approach aims to provide territories foresight and potential local opportunities identification to give decision-makers comprehensive and geo-localized evidence about anticipated and possible future change in resources consumption and needs, houses to renovate or build, citizens to host.
Biodiversity Marathon
The ambition of the "Marathon for Biodiversity" project initiated by the Saône Beaujolais community of communes is to preserve and create or restore 42 km of hedges and 42 ponds in the 42 communes in the area. This restoration of ecological environments will follow a precise mapping of the hedges and ponds present on the land that makes up the community of communes. This project is one of the nominees for the 28th edition of the Eco Action Trophies, the leading sustainable development competition for local communities, organised by the Les Eco Maires association.
Digital transport 4 Africa : une plateforme numérique pour améliorer la mobilité en Afrique
Africa is in a historic phase of rapid city building. It is creating transport infrastructure and systems that will shape the continent far into the future. Making these transport systems safe, affordable, accessible and sustainable for all is fundamental to livable, productive, low carbon and healthy African cities. Most African cities rely on some form of semi-formal transport, often minibuses, dominated by fragmented private operators. These transit systems provide a much needed service for many, at no cost for the city. But these services also bring a host of...
Provision of self-service electric bicycles
This experimental system, trialled over a six-month period in the city of Avon, was a great success and will certainly be continued in partnership with neighbouring cities. The objectives are diverse: to develop alternative modes of transport, develop accessibility, mobility and connections, and, finally, reduce atmospheric pollution. This initiative allows users to move freely and autonomously within the city (intra or extramural) with complete respect for the environment. Bicycles are available 24/7 and are 100% accessible via a Smartphone application that users can download free of...