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Eco-construction of a wooden-made and bioclimatic operations building at Aubevoye’s water treatment plant
Aubevoye’s water treatment plant meets the requirements of the innovative HQE process, offering a bioclimatic operations building with a Douglas pine tree wooden frame.
The natural and high performance materials used enable a safe, comfortable and long-lasting construction which is also positive-energy thanks to a photovoltaic roof. The building is oriented on a North/South axis, benefiting from an optimal sunshine over the winter, while in summer the heat is dissipated thanks to the dual-flow ventilation system and the sun-breaker devices on the roof.
Biodiversity Marathon
The ambition of the "Marathon for Biodiversity" project initiated by the Saône Beaujolais community of communes is to preserve and create or restore 42 km of hedges and 42 ponds in the 42 communes in the area.
This restoration of ecological environments will follow a precise mapping of the hedges and ponds present on the land that makes up the community of communes.
Digital transport 4 Africa : une plateforme numérique pour améliorer la mobilité en Afrique
Let’s use the Resource Center
Africa is in a historic phase of rapid city building. It is creating transport infrastructure and systems that will shape the continent far into the future.
Making these transport systems safe, affordable, accessible and sustainable for all is fundamental to livable, productive, low carbon and healthy African cities.
Most African cities rely on some form of semi-formal transport, often minibuses, dominated by fragmented private operators.
Dunkerque : une agglomération en transition
With its wealth of industrial and port heritage, the Dunkirk conurbation has intensified its commitment to an industrial, environmental and social energy transition.
By creating synergies and partnerships around new models, this energy transformation aims to meet a twofold challenge:
- To preserve the appeal of the area while engaging in a genuine economic and sustainable transition
- To promote a balanced environment, conducive to the development of its attractiveness.
Storm drainage and geographic information service project in the Douala urban community (Cameroon)
Since 2015, the City and Eurometropolis of Strasbourg, in association with GESCOD (Grand Est Solidarités et Coopérations pour le Développement) and their partners, have been working with the Douala Urban Community on the construction and renovation of 47 km of storm drains, to strengthen their project management and local governance capacities in the field of urban sanitation.
This AMO (Assistance to the Contracting Authority) is also supporting the creation of a Geographic Information System (GIS) to provide technical support for the drainage project.
Innovative urban services for my citizens - Nantes Dans Ma Poche
To meet the growing demand from its users, Nantes Métropole has called upon Orange Business Services to offer "Nantes Dans Ma Poche - Nantes in my pocket": a solution that makes everyday life easier for residents and strengthens civic dialogue with the community. The app was co-designed in a participatory and innovative way: residents and users of the 24 metropolitan municipalities were asked to participate in its creation and to identify a set of twenty services including "Sustainable City" services:
TRI'SAC - the next distributions for waste sorting bags
The CUD is participating in the construction of the Circular Economy label
The Urban Community of Dunkirk participated in the construction of the circular economy label alongside ADEME (French environment and management agency).
The approach adopted around this label has enabled it to structure its organisation, strategy and action plan to make the circular economy a strong focus of its activity.
This dynamic will also make it possible to better measure the results of its activity, with a view to continuous improvement.
Réussir la transition numérique des villes du sud
Located in the city of Sémé-Podji in Benin, Wexity is the first digital tool specially designed to enable local authorities to manage all urban objects: networks, housing, environment, risks, local economy, equipment and so on, thus serving the needs of sustainable urban development. Today, only complex expert systems requiring qualified personnel exist. Wexity breaks with this logic of complexity.
Tools for development website
The "Tools for development" website is intended primarily for local elected officials, technicians from local authorities and other stakeholders in development, to whom it provides information on tools and methods mainly in the fields of land, operational and regulatory urban planning, the environment and housing. It constitutes a technical database of more than 250 tools accessible according to seven main themes and nearly 35 operational issues, thus answering the territory's stakeholders' most pressing questions.