ActivSkeen: an energy-producing building envelope

Because tomorrow is being built today and building is at the forefront of the energy transition, the fight against climate change and changing lifestyles and work, ActivSkeen creates solutions with facades and active, aesthetical envelopes that reduce the building's environmental footprint and improve occupant comfort.
So it is no longer about installing a façade element providing the functionality of waterproofing, insulation and ventilation, but an element producing, in addition to these basic features, energy. ActivSkeen uses built-in photovoltaic technologies (BIPV) as well as dynamic glazing solutions. It controls the entire value chain, from the design of materials to their installation and implementation engineering.
These solutions help produce positive energy buildings (PEBs) and energy self-sufficiency at the islet or neighbourhood level. The interfaces are simplified for better control of projects, from the first draft to
closing the construction site.

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