Advisory services on public transport and low-carbon bus technologies in Florianópolis

The mission’s objective is to provide the project promoter (SUDERF-Superintendent in Charge of the Development of the Metropolitan Region of Florianópolis) with decision-making tools for planning a "low-carbon" bus network system in the region of Florianópolis:
• To analyse possible technological options and identify suitable locations for introducing electric and hybrid bus technology and its charging infrastructure,
• Conduct a total cost analysis to facilitate investment decisions for different low-carbon bus technologies,
• Advise on technical needs to implement the technologies selected and continue developing the integrated public transit system,
• Advise on how low-carbon bus systems can be implemented.
This advisory mission was intended to help customers make an informed decision about how to decarbonise their bus fleet while finding technical solutions and innovative financing to minimise, or even cancel out altogether, the economic impact of this transition to a decarbonised transport system.


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Sylvain Chapon
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