BBC observatory: a tool to capitalise on best practices in low-consumption renovation and positive-energy construction

In October 2009, the Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy (MEDDE), ADEME and the Effinergie Association officially launched a tool to share experience on low-consumption building operations: the BBC Observatory (

Since its inception, the BBC Observatory’s mission has been to address the following issues:
  •  Support the generalisation of positive-energy buildings and massification of renovation,
  • Make best use of professional know-how,
  • Help develop future regulations,
  • Identify training needs.
The BBC Observatory publishes annual technical and economic studies and a quarterly dashboard of Effinergie labels. At the same time, it publishes monthly "feedback" sheets allowing the general public and professionals to identify pioneering projects. Finally, the Observatoire BBC’s expertise allows it to participate in state-led focus groups on future regulations and to run conferences on positive-energy buildings and low-consumption renovation.


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