Caen Peninsula: reconquering a territory

The Caen Peninsula urban project offers new perspectives to the area of Caen la Mer. Sustainable neighbourhoods, soft transport modes, river atmosphere, green environment, economic, cultural and sporting activities all promise an unrivalled environment and quality of life.
The municipalities of Caen, Mondeville and Hérouville Saint-Clair, the Caen la Mer Urban Community, the Normandy Region and the Normandy Ports Joint Union have been working together since 2010 to implement an ambitious urban renewal project on the site of the peninsula, which is structuring for the region.
The Caen Peninsula urban project covers an operational perimeter of 300 hectares. The member communities of the order group agreed in 2016 on the need to set up a Major Interest Project (MIP), a memorandum of understanding created by Law No. 2014-366 of 24 March 2014 for access to housing and renovated urban planning provided for under Articles L.350-1 to 7 of the Urban Planning Code. The content of the MIP identifies the four structuring urban development projects currently in progress or planned for the future whose aim is to renew the strategic sector of the peninsula in an ambitious and sustainable way:
- The Peninsula Point
- La Nouveau Basin joint development zone in Caen
- The Hérouville peninsula JDZ
- The Calix JDZ in Mondeville

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