Construction of an intergenerational and extracurricular room

The Commune and the citizens of Rocles have joined forces to build a room and arrange its surroundings (terraces, covered areas) to accommodate cultural and artistic activities, a canteen along with the school kitchen, and a meeting and conference room. The building is constructed of wood insulated with straw, which gives it positive energy, a high level of thermal performance and a low carbon level. It is heated by a wood pellet boiler and photovoltaic panels complete the energy sources. The school canteen also offers organic and local products cooked on site, and the outdoor areas have been designed to become a place for people to play and relax. The commune is working in partnership with the Auvergne Rhône- Alpes region and the département of Allier.
This project is one of the nominees for the 28th edition of the Eco Action Trophies, the leading sustainable development competition for local communities, organised by the Les Eco Maires association.

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