Dunkirk: a conurbation in transition

Dunkirk: a conurbation in transition
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With its wealth of industrial and port heritage, the Dunkirk conurbation has intensified its commitment to an industrial, environmental and social energy transition.

By creating synergies and partnerships around new models, this energy transformation aims to meet a twofold challenge:

- To preserve the appeal of the area while engaging in a genuine economic and sustainable transition

- To promote a balanced environment, conducive to the development of its attractiveness.


This desire to develop innovative, fairer and more sustainable solutions has recently been reflected in the introduction of the new public transport network.


Since 1 September, Dunkirk has become the largest urban area in Europe to have developed a 100% free public transport network.

Above and beyond this exemplary action, a whole global strategy is presented, which demonstrates our ability to exploit our assets and reveal their economic and environmental synergies.