Eco-responsible, solidary collection


28th edition of the Eco Actions Trophies

Innovation Prize: Saint-Quentinois conurbation

Acting on a proposal from its officers, since December 2016, the conurbation has organized eco-responsible, solidary collections. These collections not only help reduce waste, providing it with a new lease of life, but also increase donations: they therefore help promote an upsurge in the circular economy, one of the levers of the third industrial revolution. Toy collections have already taken place in partnership with NGOs including G L’Espoir, Popular Relief and Catholic Relief. More than 3000 toys have been collected for local NGOs and redistributed to families. A collection of glasses for the NGO “Glasses without Borders” was set up for distribution to visually impaired people in France and abroad by the organization. Finally, a collection of books took place for the St Quentin ‘Restos du Coeur’ solidary library, with around 4.6 tonnes of books collected and given a second life.

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