Energy transition and urban planning video: how to move towards sustainable cities?

Combining environmental, climate, energy and network issues with urban planning, mobility and housing policies is essential for building sustainable regional projects. Land use is the most effective lever for successful energy transition as it directly impacts energy demand.
For example, it can create car-dependent, highly concrete cities which do not regulate temperatures, or, on the contrary, economical, resilient cities offering an attractive living environment for their inhabitants.
Thus, a well-organised region, sufficiently dense which makes the most of its local resources, can at the same time reduce its energy needs, produce its own energy and adapt to the climate of the future. The urban planning code now offers opportunities that communities can seize on.
This video, produced by Agam and DREAL Provence Alpes-Côte d'Azur, in association with the region's technical services, is a relevant way of presenting legal levers and making them possible by local examples of successfully integrating the energy transition into urban planning. Elected officials, experts and planning stakeholders, it's up to us!


Volonne, FR, France
Miramas, FR, France
Puy-Saint-André, FR, France
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AGAM - pôle environnement
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