"If the city" : for territory-wide consultation with all its users (EpaMarne)

This tool is aimed at all users of a region (residents, students, employees, businesses, travellers, tourists etc) to encourage them to question its long-term evolution. Both a simulator and a serious game, it invites users to put themselves in the place of the planner and to address the major challenges facing the region by 2030: to solve the housing crisis, ensure a socio-economic balance, reduce the carbon footprint, etc.
Thanks to digital technology, it gives the user the opportunity to experiment with development choices, as well as visualising in real time the impact generated (need to finance public amenities, create jobs, congestion of transport networks etc) and the results achieved.
Having thus brought out an enlightened, shared vision centred on the general interest, this fun, educational tool aims to gradually deliver this vision at the local level, mobilising users at all stages of urban projects - including once the neighbourhoods and buildings have been delivered.


Author (s) of the resource: 
Marne-la-Vallée, FR, France
Noisiel, FR, France
Name of the referent for the contribution: 
Mathieu Monier
Date of the document: 

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