Innovative urban services for my citizens - Nantes Dans Ma Poche

To meet the growing demand from its users, Nantes Métropole has called upon Orange Business Services to offer "Nantes Dans Ma Poche - Nantes in my pocket": a solution that makes everyday life easier for residents and strengthens civic dialogue with the community. The app was co-designed in a participatory and innovative way: residents and users of the 24 metropolitan municipalities were asked to participate in its creation and to identify a set of twenty services including "Sustainable City" services:
TRI'SAC - the next distributions for waste sorting bags
AIR QUALITY - detailed information provided about the overall air quality.
STATION BICLOO - availability of bicycles and support points at my favourite stations
LILA, TAN - real-time public transport timetables
VOIE PUBLIQUE - website for reporting problems to do with waste collection, green spaces and urban cleanliness, for a rapid response from the relevant city services
CART'O - a collaborative event mapping service that allows you to identify and describe the remarkable plants you come across or own
SONANTES - telling you which shops support the use of the local currency.
With Ma Ville Dans Ma Poche, Orange Business Services has democratised access to mobile apps for residents with a solution that combines simplicity, scalability and real-time information management. The Nantes in my pocket solution is based on the Ma Ville Dans Ma Poche service, which presents several service options and, above all, makes it possible to choose and promote local services in an autonomous way that really makes sense in terms of ecological transition.

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