Making a success of the digital transition of southern cities

Located in the city of Sémé-Podji in Benin, Wexity is the first digital tool specially designed to enable local authorities to manage all urban objects: networks, housing, environment, risks, local economy, equipment and so on, thus serving the needs of sustainable urban development. Today, only complex expert systems requiring qualified personnel exist. Wexity breaks with this logic of complexity.
Wexity is a modern digital platform, built for shared and collaborative use, designed to be accessible to all audiences within a municipality, from elected officials to senior managers and municipal technicians. We believe that only a solution used and controlled by local users can be sustainable.
Going beyond innovation of use, it is also our ambition to offer a major breakthrough in terms of controlling urban environments. In sub-Saharan Africa in particular, no city has an up-to-date and accurate map of its territory. The establishment of a complete and transversal database is in itself a decisive element for the cities of the South.
Innovation also comes from Wexity's ability to produce pragmatic analyses: how many people live in flood-prone areas? Which equipment is subject to environmental risk? Where are the areas that do not have access to drinking water? Which residential areas are furthest from schools? These are simple, obvious questions that cities are often not able to answer without external advice.


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Sémé-Podji, BJ, Benin
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