The "Recycl'Lab" room and the "Tri Truck" vehicle, new awareness and prevention tools

The Recycl'Lab is a collaborative space, a showcase for projects led by Greater Reims on waste prevention. It is a pedagogical space intended for all audiences in the region. The watchwords of the undertaking are REDUCE, RECYCLE and REUSE. Four associations welcome local residents to the Recycl'Lab:
-Vel'Oxygène, which will run bicycle repair workshops,
- The SEL (Local Exchange System) in Reims, which offers a collaborative vision of service exchanges,
- The JCE (Junior Chamber of Commerce) in Reims, which is setting up a library of tools on loan or lease,
- Les Petits Débrouillards (resourceful young people), a national network for popular science education.
The system is completed by the Tri Truck, a mobile service, which provides answers to questions about waste management and prevention as close as possible to the local inhabitants (markets, outside buildings, events, etc.).
The Greater Reims urban community has public partners such as ADEME and ECOLOGIC.
This project is one of the nominees for the 28th edition of the Eco Action Trophies, the leading sustainable development competition for local communities, organised by the Les Eco Maires association.

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