Save the Yvette Valley from the waste of Greater Paris and Paris Saclay!


28th edition of the Eco Actions Trophies

Citizenship Prize: Champlan

The municipality waged a relentless battle over the course of a year to defend a former wetland, in order to preserve its biodiversity and avoid an ecological disaster with irreversible damage for nature, people and health. A private company and local stakeholders were running a harmful project of inert waste storage in this area, which was eventually dropped under the pressure of citizen mobilization and actions led by the city and its supporters.

The destruction of 25ha of woodland was planned, threatening 17 protected species, increasing the risks of flooding, pollution, noise, and greatly deteriorating the wider landscape.

The municipality is currently carrying on with its citizens’ mobilization in order to offer an alternative project, respectful of the environment and people’s well-being, in partnership with the Essone department, the Ile-de-France Biodiversity Regional Agency, young researchers and experienced scientists.

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