Smart City Directory - Property and Housing

Tomorrow, the smart city will have to improve its energy performance, a goal that inevitably affects buildings, since in France, they consume the most energy, all economic sectors combined. The city of tomorrow will produce some of its energy from its own territory. How? Thanks to its roofs, its basements, its air and its waste, which offer so many options to tap into.
Companies labelled "Property and Housing" in the Smart City Directory of the Banque des Territoires (Bank of the Regions) offer, for example:
Setting up a data supervision service in buildings: energy, water and heating to reduce costs and improve the quality of services rendered;
Digital tools such as BIM to design urban projects and visualise future developments through an interactive digital model.
The development of housing exchange platforms as well as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) facilities for managing tenant mobility and optimising social housing.
The Smart City Directory of the Bank of the Regions lets you discover the solutions of companies which work in the field of the smart city. This directory aims to bring together all the players in the city of tomorrow by linking local public players on the one hand and companies offering innovative regional services in the different sectors of the city on the other. Companies are invited to present their innovative offers here.

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