Study of the rehabilitation and improvement of Lake Zigh, Azerbaijan

The project’s concept is to couple the rehabilitation of Lake Zigh, which has been polluted for several years by the dumping of contaminated water from neighbouring industrial areas, with a value-creating urban development in the Baku region, which has a population of more than one million.
The aim is to have an operation that benefits everyone, in terms of both the environment and the economy.
Major pre-rehabilitation studies were carried out by the ENGIE group:
  • Data collection: geological, topographical and bathymetric reports, environmental surveys...
  • Basic design studies: hydrology, construction of sludge drying beds in the eastern zone, dredging the lake and channel and transporting sludge to the drying beds, construction of a cement-bentonite wall and preparation of the recovery area, construction of an urban park and a green belt around the lake...
  • Rehabilitation of the site is underway with technical solutions adapted to local know-how. They will be evaluated on the basis of international clean-up standards.

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