Sustainable Building MOOC: a digital training offer dedicated to sustainable construction

In 2016, the Sustainable Building Plan and ADEME, in collaboration with numerous organisations and the support of France Digital University, launched the Sustainable Building MOOC platform.
The Sustainable Building MOOC Platform has two main objectives:
  •  To enable the improvement of professionals ’skills in the construction and real estate sector on the themes of energy transition and sustainable building in general (construction and renovation),
  • To disseminate, to the general public, an expertise on issues related to sustainable construction, in particular the energy renovation of housing.
Proposed in collaboration with numerous partners, the training consists of video-type teaching resources (but not just that) and offers individual or collaborative activities to assess the knowledge of learners.
The ambition of ADEME and the Sustainable Building Plan is to provide access to the best online training MOOC in the field of sustainable construction, regardless of the geographical location of the different learners.
It is possible for all stakeholders in the sector to propose an idea for a MOOC or online training. All registration dates and terms are available on the Sustainable Building MOOC platform.

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