The sustainable food education centre

The municipal structure of Mouans-Sartoux implements the commune's regional food project around five themes: setting up organic farming operations, developing the economic aspect of sustainable food, educating all sections of the public about sustainable food, conducting action research with researchers and students, and, finally, expanding the project to other regions in France and Europe. In particular, this project has made it possible to preserve many agricultural areas. Building sustainable, local, and organic food sovereignty also makes it possible to reduce the impact of the food industry on global warming, preserve biodiversity and contribute to the health of food consumers. The initiative is financed through calls for projects from government departments, Europe and foundations. The commune covers 30% of the operating budget from its own funds.
This project is one of the nominees for the 28th edition of the Eco Action Trophies, the leading sustainable development competition for local communities, organised by the Les Eco Maires association.

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