Trilib', self-service waste sorting

To allow more Parisians to sort their waste more simply and be able to provide a solution to the 10% of Parisians who do not have a yellow bin, Citeo conducted and financed an experiment in Paris: 40 trilib' stations, local collection containers available 24 hours a day, located in 4 districts.
Modular urban sorting furniture, the trilib' station brings together 5 streams: glass and metal packaging, plastic bottles and containers, paper and cardboard, and finally, textiles. Digital innovation and user service, station filling rates are available in real time on the platform.
The City of Paris has decided to deploy these stations that facilitate waste sorting and collection.
Each station collects around an additional 25 tonnes of packaging each year and improves the quality of sorting.
For 9 out of 10 Parisians, they are easy to use and show that waste sorting is really useful. Since 2017, this still experimental arrangement has already allowed the sorting and recycling, among other things, of 55 tons of plastic bottles, or about 2 million bottles.
A thousand Trilib' stations will be deployed throughout Paris from the end of 2019 to 2021 by the City of Paris with the support of Citeo.

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