Unveiling the potential of middle-sized conurbations

Middle-sized conurbations were the main focus of public authorities during the 2017 summer, while the future “middle-sized cities national plan” was under preparation. Even before this announcement, the elected representatives of the FNAU Board had chosen to work on these conurbations, which spread over the French territory, but yet currently need to unveil their potential, and for some of them, to bounce back.
To design this publication and the proposals that are included in it, 5 thematic groups were organized in order to rally the testimony of urban planning agencies, local governments, State representatives, national stakeholders and experts.
The FNAU Thematic Study 42 “unveiling the potential of middle-sized conurbations” therefore focuses on the variety of challenges and levers for middle-sized conurbations, as well as the engineering tools that can be mobilized to support them. This publication presents concrete proposals of levers that can be resorted to recapturing city centres, including through actions on housing and public spaces, working on central functions (particularly trade and higher education), on economic changes and innovation, mobility or culture and quality of life. 

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