economical building

E+C- House by Ecolocost
Le but de cette maison est de démontrer qu'il est possible de faire une maison révolutionnaire d'une apparence traditionnelle, le tout en un temps record pour 200 € plus cher au mètre carré qu'une maison RT2012.
Les points importants sont:
·       sa compacité : une maison de 3 chambres, fonctionnelle de 82m2 qui respecte les fondamentaux d'un habitat de qualité à tout point de vue (air, bruit, confort)
·       son coût abordable : la maison a été conçue pour coûter 1/3 du revenu mensuel moyen d'une famille de primo-accédant dans des régions fortement urbanisés, soit...
This house aims to demonstrate that it is possible to build a revolutionary house that looks conventional, and on top of that in record time for only 200 euros per square metre more than an RT2012 house.
The key characteristics are:
-          Its compactness: an 82-square-metre, 3-bedroom house that’s functional and respects the essentials of quality housing in all respects (air, noise and comfort);
-          Its affordable cost: the house was designed to cost a third of the average monthly income of a  first-time buyer family in a dense urban environment, that is to say about 1000 euros per month, land included, without any energy expenses since its low energy consumption is fully covered by its production so as to reach an annual balance;
-          Its carbon impact: thanks to wood and other top-of-the-range, fully recyclable materials coupled with high-quality technical equipment. This house is genuinely sustainable, can be built within a single day, barely generates any building waste and does not cause any disturbance within the neighbourhood.
It is E+C- and BEPOS-certified.