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Since 1989, the Association Les Eco Maires has brought together mayors and elected officials who have invested in sustainable development and federate territories that value work in the service of environmental protection.
Network with more than 2000 member communities in mainland France and Outremer, the association Eco Maires values ​​actions in connection with sustainable development and provides methodological and institutional support, while inviting to develop a reflection on the issues of protection of the environment.
The association values ​​local initiatives during "les Assises Nationales de la Biodiversité" (National Conference on Biodiversity) and "les Trophées Eco Actions". The network has now become a real tool for the actors of the territory who want to meet the double challenge of "global thinking and local action"
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Les Ecos Maires
215 bis Boulevard Saint-Germain
75007 Paris
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