ABC demonstrator in Grenoble: a comprehensive approach to sustainable housing

30 regions involved in the EcoCité approach receive support from the Avenir Ville de Demain investment programme managed by the Banque des Territoires on behalf of the State.
€1.8 M have been invested as part of this programme in the service of 62 intermediate and social rental housing units in Grenoble allowing the ABC concept to be tested.
The ABC (Autonomous Building for Citizens) concept, which is the result of research and development, aims to experiment with the technologies and changes in use necessary for self-consumption, partial or total autonomy in energy and water for buildings and the energy recovery of household waste.
Autonomous: A concentration of innovations, this building aims for autonomy in water (70%), energy (70%) and optimisation of waste management (reduction of 40%).
Building: The construction techniques employed are designed to minimise design and construction costs and the carbon footprint of the building.
Citizens: The project integrates an in-depth reflection on societal aspects: pooling uses, promoting exchanges and social ties, making inhabitants players in their consumption, validating the acceptability of technologies related to autonomy.

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