Adaptation to climate change on the Gâvres peninsula

Adaptation to climate change on the Gâvres peninsula
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Lorient Agglomération is leading the monitoring and rehabilitation of the coastline of the Grande Plage de Gâvres, threatened by continuous erosion and regular onslaughts by the sea. Protective measures were implemented in 2012. Scientific monitoring has been underway since 2015 to measure the progression of sand movements. The implementation of this operation is monitored by the "Participatory Sciences" commission of the Observatoire Citoyen du Littoral Morbihannais, a participatory framework and a pedagogical resource composed of site managers, scientists from the research programme, residents and eco-volunteer associations. This project has allowed better monitoring of the movement of the sand masses as well as reinforcement of the dune to preserve the biodiversity of the Grande Plage.

This project is one of the nominees for the 28th edition of the Eco Action Trophies, the leading sustainable development competition for local communities, organised by the Les Eco Maires association.