Cities for all: what right(s) for the city?

Cities for all: what right(s) for the city?
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This document, put together by PFVT, a discussion platform for French urban stakeholders working internationally, sets out the broad guidelines that France has taken in the context of adopting the 2016 Urban Agenda in Quito. It focuses more specifically on the theme of the right to the city for all, a crucial issue in the face of the growing importance of the rural exodus and migration, which are sources of inequality and conflict in urban areas.


Public policies are at the centre of thinking about reducing inequality, largely by establishing a right to the city for all. The right to the city must be conceived in a cross-cutting and inter-regional way, by strengthening the capacity of local authorities who are best able to engage the regions in a sustainable transition.


More concretely, the broad French guidelines take into account the need for urban management that is democratic, by establishing the right to the city in urban development projects in order to solve urban inequalities and combat segregation and reproduction of inequalities at all levels of governance.