Cooling our cities: what knowledge do we need?

Overheating of our cities impacts the comfort of city dwellers, and during heat waves poses a health issue for sensitive populations. This is why ADEME supports the development of city cooling solutions that improve thermal comfort in summer while adopting an environmental approach to urban planning.
In 2017, ADEME wanted to initiate scientific and technical reflection, in partnership with external stakeholders, to formalise the key results of the finished research, but above all to have a critical reading of it in order to energise and more deeply research these topics. Following a report on research in the field of urban cooling carried out by the City's Institute for Research in Science and Technology, a science and technology day was organised in Lyon on 27 June 2017. The day brought together more than 50 practitioners and researchers who exchanged views on urban cooling practices and knowledge.
The proceedings of this science and technology day combine a presentation on the state of the art on current knowledge and blind spots in research, the round table interventions that helped highlight operational issues and the work of participants who were invited to explore together, as part of a World Café, the barriers and research avenues that could contribute to ADEME's strategic research operations in this subject.

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