Developing guidelines for adapting to climate change in relation to urban planning and design in Flanders

Engie has been commissioned by the Flemish Spatial Planning Authority to develop guidelines and solutions to adapt to climate change.
In the first phase of the project, an analysis of the impacts of climate change in Flanders is completed, using different scenarios.
This analysis includes an assessment of the magnitude of impacts, factors that determine the extent of the effect and their spatial differentiation.
The focus is on the urban effect of heat islands, floods and droughts. Maps are prepared to show specific vulnerability to the effects of different urban areas in Flanders.
The general vision developed and the "toolkit" of measures will guide future initiatives by the Flemish Spatial Planning Authority and will provide an objective reference on the need for adaptation measures and the means to implement them.
Topics addressed by the guidelines include:
  • Water storage and infiltration in an urban context,
  • Green roofs and facades,
  • (Re)Vegetation.

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