Douala Sustainable City: Sustainable development and enhancement of the Makèpè-Missoké neighbourhood

The Douala Ville Durable project concerns the development of the Makèpè - Missoké neighbourhood, located on a former landfill site in a floodplain area.
The main objective, defined in the continuity of the rainwater drainage project and in line with the city's policy, is to make Douala a sustainable and resilient city while ensuring its economic development.
With this in mind, a project to restructure and enhance the wetland and combat poverty has been implemented by the Douala Urban Community.
Efforts to preserve green spaces and natural resources are thus aimed at transforming this floodplain into an asset for the development of the neighbourhood:
- on the one hand, by making the site a "green lung" to combat heat islands,
- on the other hand, by generating economic activities such as market gardening, recycling or even home renovation.
This project was designed to be replicable: a piece work of capitalising on knowledge and experience is therefore planned to disseminate it on similar sites successfully.

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