"Eat good, healthy, local food in the canteens of my regionterritory."

Card no. 02 from the guide “Demain mon territoire” (Tomorrow my Region), co-published by ADEME and the EcoMaires, is intended for elected officials to help them integrate the environment into their programme thanks to twenty information sheets providing ideas for action and examples of implemented solutions.
The way we eat affects both our health and climate change. On a collective food scale, these consequences become a major issue for the municipalities.                                                 
That is why the cities from Ile de France have implemented a regional food project (RFP) targeting school restaurants to reduce food waste.
The strategy implemented to achieve this is built around three main lines of action: adaptation of the quantity of each menu to children’s hunger, better food waste management thanks to the practice of selective sorting by children and the recovery or organic waste, and finally, awareness and educational work with children and catering staff. Such a project which involves both young and old has already reduced the amount of food thrown away per meal tray by more than 28%.                                       
Through intergenerational mobilisation supervised by municipalities, it is thus possible to promote a sustainable approach to food.

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