Enekio Smart City - Saint-Jean-En-Royans (26).

Enekio Smart City - Saint-Jean-En-Royans (26)
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Reducing the city's energy consumption, particularly in the form of fossil fuels, therefore has multiple beneficial effects, for the health of its inhabitants and their quality of life, the fight against climate change, the operating costs of the community and the expenses of its inhabitants, in short for the attractiveness of the city.

This fact sheet is part of a series on innovative energy solutions for the sustainable city.

Against a backdrop of declining allocations to local authorities and rising energy prices, reducing the electricity bill is a real challenge.

Enekio has proposed to 10 municipalities in the Drôme and Isère regions to install an intelligent lighting system that reduces light intensity on traffic lanes until a car or pedestrian passes by. This project is part of Enekio's deployment of smart cities in France to combat climate change and deploy the digital city for municipalities in rural and urban areas.

This series of factsheets has been published under the direction of the former Vivapolis network, a partnership structure initiated by the Ministry of Ecological Transition aimed at fostering synergies between players and promoting French expertise in sustainable cities internationally.

In December 2019, the Vivapolis network merged with the Institut pour la Ville Durable (IVD) to create the association France Ville Durable (Sustainable City by France). The Vivapolis sheets are now listed under the aegis of France Ville Durable.