Evaluate your energy projects with Enersquid

Enersquid is a platform for evaluating energy projects that aims to help industrialists and regions to implement the energy transition. It is characterised by:

• Its accessibility - it's free and online,
• Its multi-energy, multi-solution dimension - electricity, thermal and gas, integrating all types of production, storage, converters and consumption profiles,
• Its global nature - projects can be anywhere in the world,
• Its speed - with just a few clicks, it’s possible to configure a project and get results,
• Its independence - it is made to freely help with the choices of energy project owners,
• Its pedagogical character - a non-professional user can easily use it.
The platform associates technical and economic indicators to each project, such as energy cost, carbon content, availability, self-production and self-consumption rates, and generates the project's operating curves.

Its uniqueness should also be pointed out, as it’s the only free platform to offer this service today.


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