Exploration Mille Lieux: impact of third places on regions

Faced with the growing popularity of third places, Exploration Mille Lieux (Thousand Places) aims to understand their impacts on regions and show what is happening within and around them. To objectify the impact of third places on regions, this study takes as its field of exploration four subjects at the heart of the challenges facing our society: regional transformation, the evolving relationship to work, creation of communal areas and the ecological transition.
The method used was to explore eight areas, with a two-day residence per field and a qualitative approach based on semi-directive interviews with the various stakeholders in the place and its region. We focused our attention on five medium-sized cities (in line with the Sharitories exploration), adding a metropolis (Metz) and two regions in Europe (Belgium and Spain).
We selected a set of places that offer a hybridisation of at least three uses, backed by a desire among the stakeholders involved to produce common areas. Our list features spaces that mix co-working, fablab, upcycling etc, as well as a media library or hair salon. This panel, while not exhaustive, is intended to be representative of the incredible diversity of these places.

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