FNAU Points 5 - Territorial heritage in the pipeline

FNAU Points is a collection of works on urban planning designed by urban planning agencies to invent, through a mix of thought-provoking lines and concrete examples, the city of tomorrow. These works are intended for education and clarification on major subjects related to planning the region.
This fifth issue addresses the issue of heritage consideration in an urban, mobile and global society.

Heritage is today everywhere, at the very foundation of regional identities. Developing the space while preserving the "already there" is a growing concern of citizens, relayed by their elected officials.
As a result, the notion of heritage has expanded over the past fifty years, from the exceptional object to the landscape incorporating natural and built spaces on vast scales.

The development and transmission of this regional heritage is the work of a long-term project, led by elected officials, residents, technicians and associations. And to support their efforts, special partners in the shape of urban planning agencies intervene with a single objective: to project around regional heritage in a relationship that’s calmed and adapted to the lifestyles of today.
Exploring the evolution of the concept of heritage since its origins, this publication, provided with a chronology, presents the current issues of regional heritage and explains the contribution of urban planning agencies through a wide selection of concrete cases and projects in France and abroad.


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