FNAU Points No.1 - The metamorphoses of the urban highway

This first work deals with the re-qualification of urban highways.
Long synonymous with progress, motorways are now a source of congestion and nuisance for the two million French people living in their immediate vicinity, prompting much consideration about their re-qualification.
This work looks back at the history of urban highways, the legacy of the automobile city now undergoing metamorphosis, and highlights the achievements and projects in progress, strong and symbolic projects which take into account changing mobility, health, landscape, environment and urban quality.
Rethinking urban highways now means reconsidering them within a cross-sectional view of the regions, in order to reduce their nuisance and impacts on the environment (noise, pollution, congestion), to relieve them, and to better integrate them into increasingly sustainable cities.
This document sheds light on the changing comprehension of these infrastructures, which must therefore be adapted to the current needs of cities and their inhabitants, both in France and abroad.


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FR, France
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