Food and agriculture: recommendations for a sustainable and relocated food system

This document outlines key recommendations formulated by the members of the French Alliance for Cities and Territorial Development (PFVT), the platform for exchange and promotion of French expertise in urban development at the international level. These documents were prepared in the context of the World Urban Forum taking place in Abu Dhabi on February 2020 and the Africa-France Summit on June 2020.
 In a context where urbanization and population growth, the use of resources, the quality of air, water and soil are all factors that question the current food system, it seems necessary to consider production and consumption models more respectful of the environment and health. Acting on the food system therefore supposes developing a transversal reflection integrating economic, social, environmental, health, educational, as well as cultural or urban aspects.
Faced with a globalized food system, the alliance of territories and the mobilization of local authorities and all citizens are key conditions for the transition to a more sustainable food and agricultural model. However, to that end, agriculture and food issues need to be thoroughly rethought and transition strategies need to be implemented. It is with this in mind that the "Food and Agriculture" working group met, in order to make sustainable food a pivotal point in the development of territories by relying on the relocation of the food system.

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