Gran Santo Domingo sustainable urban mobility plan

Mobilise Your City (MYC) is a global climate initiative that promotes integrated urban mobility planning. It aims to maximise the potential to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (by 50% by 2050), particularly in cities in southern countries that will see most of the future urban growth.
As part of this initiative, Gran Santo Domingo is one of 100 cities that have committed to define and implement an ambitious Urban Mobility Plan. This initiative has the technical and financial support of AFD (French Development Agency) and the MYC programme.
The mission of the SYSTRA group was to support the national authority in charge of planning and improving mobility conditions in the region for 16 months.
This assistance consisted of:
- Providing technical support for the definition of an ambitious action plan,
- Developing digital planning tools,
- Building the capacity of local stakeholders,
- Setting up a participatory process that allows, during the study period, the setting up of real cooperation at the Gran Santo Domingo scale (INTRANT, municipalities, ministries, operators etc).

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