Ground Control 2018 : SNCF’s new temporary location in Paris

Ground Control 2018 : SNCF’s new temporary location in Paris
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After the first successes of the « La Chapelle » railyard site in the 18th district of Paris and the « Grand Train » in 2016, SNCF welcomes « Ground Control » on the former Charolais railway mail sorting center, in the context of the urban transition program by SNCF Immobilier. This project aims to regive a temporary life to the unused railway grounds as it waits for an urban conversion in response to the new uses and needs of the city. SNCF intends to make this site a platform for exchange and experimentation open to public, sustainable, and inclusive initiatives by welcoming the actors who invent the world of tomorrow. The 4 500 m² of interior space thus welcomes visitors, with a dozen culinary counters and a cultural and artistic area, until its reconversion at the beginning of 2020 into a residential and commercial space in the future urban neighborhood of Gare de Lyon-Daumesnil. « Inventing the city of tomorrow is particularly important for us as a mobility operator. Staying ahead of the times, understanding how residents react to mobility and city building proposals, it is for us a sort of living laboratory » specifies Benoit Quignon, general director of SNCF Immobilier, when a new 6 ha ecological neighborhood will see the day on this site in 2025, holding 600 residences, businesses, and around 45 000 m² of office space.