The Hauts de l'Orne: a naturally innovative district

A special place to live just a stone's throw from the Orne Valley and its green way on a site with 7,000 years of history: the future EcoDistrict de Fleury-sur-Orne is currently being developed by Caen la Mer, the commune of Fleury-sur-Orne and Normandie Aménagement (Normandy Development). The work is scheduled until 2030.

The first certified EcoDistrict (stage 2 since 2018) to be built in Caen la Mer, by 2030, the Hauts de l'Orne will offer its future inhabitants a wide choice of individual, semi-collective and collective housing. It will be located at the heart of 25 hectares of natural landscaped parks, ponds, gentle vegetated paths, and very close to shops, services and innovative sports and recreational facilities. Located a 10-minute drive from the centre of Caen, it will be served by the new rail tram from 2019 and benefit from access to a heat network.

To produce trees and plants locally, an innovative initiative, unique in France, was proposed by Normandie Aménagement: to set up a nursery directly in the neighbourhood. Located on the last stage of the EcoDistrict, which will not be completed for 10 years, this nursery has been home to all the plants needed for the future landscaping of the district since 2018. In the long run, more than 40,000 plant species will have been grown directly on the site.

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