A healthy, sustainable local food supply for all

A healthy, sustainable local food supply for all
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With the support of the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs, France Urbaine, in partnership with RESOLIS, decided to carry out a study entitled "Cities facing the challenges of food insecurity". This document gathers 21 contributions from metropolises, large cities and agglomerations, which make it possible to identify, through concrete initiatives, how they act against food insecurity.


The factsheet “A healthy, sustainable local food supply for all” presents the food strategy of Rouen Normandy Metropolis.

Lying an hour and a half from Paris and recognised for the wealth of its cultural and natural heritage, Rouen Normandy Metropolis has opted for a balanced development approach underpinned by the protection of resources. It has lever-aged its strengths as a dynamic urban, economic and tourist region. In this context, agriculture, which occupies nearly one third of the territory, represents a kingpin for the development and attractiveness of the metropolis.


For several years, the Rouen Normandy Metropolis has implemented a proactive policy to promote the development of local short food supply chains and efficient agriculture that respects natural resources. Firmly convinced of the need to take into account the food component within its agricultural policy, the Metropolis undertook the development of a PAT at the end of 2017, that it co-manages with partners in its Charte Agricole de Territoire (Territorial Agricultural Charter).


The challenge that the Metropolis has set itself through the development of its PAT, is to successfully mobilize all those involved in a collective project built on a set of shared, engaging values.