Implementation of professional GIS for the Phnom Penh water authority

As part of the "Greater Phnom Penh Water Supply System" ("PPWSA") project, Phnom Penh wished to restructure and increase the performance of its water service. In the midst of a major transformation, the number of subscribers is increasing by 15 000 to 20 000 a year. It is therefore essential to have a GIS capable, in particular, of structuring its asset knowledge.
When supplying the Geographic Information System (GIS) solution "KIS", Altereo Informatique had to ensure:
· The definition of a GIS data model and the migration of existing descriptive data
· Reorganisation/creation of the processes revolving around the GIS in the different departments of the company
· The creation and provision of a mobile app, background maps, GPS equipment and assistance in mapping the location of the 285 000 clients and the network facilities
· Training of users, administrators and contributors.
KIS, enriched with its AEP module, now provides PPWSA with a "drinking water" business toolbox, ranging from the operation of the network topology (routes, simulation of valve closures, etc) to the management of business processes (management of complaints and interventions, leak management, etc) or an interface for representing mapping data from the monitoring of sub-metering.
Its Administration module offers a simple, ergonomic tool for modelling and integrating data, managing users and setting up applications, forms and workflow. It also allows the system to evolve to meet new needs or to exchange information with third-party applications in a variety of formats.


Phnom Penh, FR, France
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