Improvement of sanitation and waste management in Mahajanga

Improvement of sanitation and waste management in Mahajanga
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The sanitation and waste projects in Mahajanga (ASSMA and following) are part of a logic of support to the local communal authorities, in order to reinforce their capacity in terms of project management, through training and the realisation of pilot investments.


This strengthening of local governance contributed to the structuring of a multi-stakeholder platform for the sector, integrating civil society organisations, on the model of public-private partnerships. At the same time, the Mahajanga Urban Community has developed a strategic water and sanitation plan and updated its health regulations with a view to improving public health.


Since 2013, the implementation of this project has led to the establishment of a complete sanitation chain, combined with increased access to basic sanitary facilities (family latrines and sanitary blocks). Through awareness-raising and education, behaviours have evolved towards better hygiene, as evidenced by the epidemiological monitoring carried out.


In addition, this initiative paved the way for two other projects that have improved the management of household waste, notably through the material support provided to pre-collectors, the rehabilitation of certain access roads and the maintenance of municipal trucks.