Industrial demonstrators for the sustainable city: Rêve de Scènes Urbaines

The industrial demonstrator for the sustainable city Rêve de Scènes Urbaines (Dream of Urban Scenes), led by VINCI, Véolia and Artelia, offers an original approach with cooperation between public and private stakeholders in the city to experiment and produce innovative urban solutions. It is initially part of a constantly changing region, Plaine Commune, itself located in the heart of Greater Paris.
To function, the demonstrator relies on an open ecosystem whose objectives are to implement:
  • a partnership platform for urban innovation,
  • a Living Lab of rebuilding the city on itself,
  • a showcase of the city's French know-how in the Plaine Commune region.
Every year, 150 ideas are collected and handed over to Plaine Commune. The region selects ideas that can help implement its strategic development plans.
The ideas and experiments produced as part of Rêve de Scènes Urbaines are intended for dissemination. In France, eight partner regions have joined the approach in order to benefit from ideas and to able to launch local experiments. The dynamics of the Rêve de Scènes Urbaines demonstrator can be increased thanks to the contribution of innovative companies from these regions.
Abroad, Rêve de Scènes Urbaines is part of the export efforts of the Strategic Sector Agreement "Industries for Construction", welcoming foreign delegations to France, and feeding local contacts of French companies with the association’s work.

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