Jardin des Arts in Dunkirk: a project co-created with the inhabitants

AGUR (Agence d’Urbanisme Flandre-Dunkerque/Flanders-Dunkirk Urban Planning Agency) is involved in participative schemes and supports its partners in what they do. Since 2015, a multidisciplinary team (landscape architect, sociologist, urban planner, architect) has been running workshops with residents to co-create projects aimed at improving the living environment. It could be the development of a public space, a square, a playground or a garden.
As part of the Fabriques d’Initiatives Locales (FIL - Local Initiative Factories) set up by the City of Dunkirk, AGUR has run participatory workshops with residents on the future of the Jardin des Arts in Dunkirk’s theatre district.
In this city centre garden, isolated and unknown, the plan was to develop with residents/users the future arrangements for the garden and its immediate surroundings. After several workshops, a wish-list (the residents' "specifications") was drawn up and handed over to the consulting firm mandated by the City to carry out the project.

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