La Toile Alimentaire (food web), a management tool of the Regional Food Project of the Urban Community Le Havre Seine Métropole

The ambitions of the Le Havre Seine Métropole Urban Community's Regional Food Project are to promote access to quality food, for the benefit of the health of all inhabitants, and to develop a local food economy.
The aim of this project is to provide advice and regional support, to give visibility to local initiatives and to bring out economic opportunities in the community's food chain.
It is within the framework of this last objective that the AURH has developed the Food Web tool, which offers a dynamic and regionalised vision of the food system of the Le Havre Seine Métropole Urban Community.
This knowledge, analysis and decision support tool has the following function:
  • to understand the chain of food stakeholders and the food flows between them,
  • to respond to problems or courses of action in order to identify new players, synergies and new pooling opportunities to help structure short circuits, understand the organisation of sectors, etc.
  • to identify courses of action and support the community in their implementation

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