LIVA: employment and training company specialising in construction logistics

LIVA: employment and training company specialising in construction logistics
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Developed on the initiative of the VINCI Foundation for the City, LIVA is an employment and training company whose aim is to provide logistics services to building sites. A social joint venture, LIVA aims to work throughout France and for numerous clients, starting on the construction sites of Ile-de-France.


With LIVA, VINCI Construction France and Ares want to co-build bridges to employment by offering stable jobs and personalised support to people in difficulty. Based on the complementarity of their expertise, the two partners aim to professionalise the construction logistics professions and innovate in this field by creating a global offer around digital and remote logistics.


The company has three main ambitions:

1 - A social inclusion project: LIVA aims to integrate people in difficulty, through stable employment and personalised socio-professional support.

2 - A Human Resources project: co-building a gateway to employment. LIVA will offer some of its employees the opportunity to move towards the professions recruiting within the Group.

3 - A business project: professionalising logistics on site, relying on the complementarity of VCF and Ares expertise to innovate by creating a global logistics offer, including a remote hub.