« Mobilities » : recommendations for sustainable mobilities

« Mobilities » : recommendations for sustainable mobilities
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This document outlines key recommendations formulated by members of the French Alliance for Cities and Regional Development (PFVT), the platform for exchange and promotion of French expertise in urban development at the international level. These recommendations were prepared in the context of the World Urban Forum taking place in Abu Dhabi in February 2020 and the Africa-France Summit of June 2020, and are split into 10 thematic booklets.


If mobility is essential in the organisation of our regions, the climate emergency, traffic congestion and increasing distances, or again the complexity of networks, are all challenges that cities of the world must address.

Thus, travelling raises many challenges - environmental, economic, sanitary, justice and social inclusion, public spaces organisation and evolution of infrastructure, digital transition and integration etc - which should be re-examined.  


It is within this perspective that the Mobilities working group has created this document, by reflecting on the organisation and economic model of mobilities, on information sharing, the link between urban planning and transport planning and on transport modes, with the aim of guaranteeing sustainable mobility.