Project to promote the development of Tunisia's cultural heritage

The Tunisia Heritage project is part of the Tounes Wijhetouna ("Tunisia: Our Destination") programme to support the diversification of tourism in Tunisia.
Dedicated to the promotion of heritage sites, the project is divided into two main components:

1. Support for the appropriation, preservation and promotion of Tunisia's built heritage,
2. Support for the modernisation of Carthage Museum and the improvement of its environment.

In a cross-cutting way, this project seeks to implement capacity-building actions and knowledge transfer, particularly in the area of heritage management.
Among the expected results:

• At least 15 remarkable buildings will be rehabilitated, converted or restored, especially in the ancient centres.
Project leaders selected to occupy rehabilitated buildings will be supported in the implementation of durable, sustainable activities.
• Stakeholders contributing to the inventory, rehabilitation and conservation of heritage (in local communities in particular) will benefit from training and capacity-building actions.
• Carthage Museum and its immediate surroundings (including Place de l’Unesco) will be renovated.
• An interpretation centre will be created to promote the riches of the Carthage site to the public.

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