Protecting Oshakati from heavy flooding during the rainy season

Oshakati is one of the largest cities in northern Namibia and regularly suffers from heavy flooding during the rainy season.
In collaboration with its partner IMDC, Tractebel has developed a sustainable solution to protect Oshakati from these floods. This solution involves constructing an embankment to the north-west of the city as well as bridges and locks to divert and control floodwaters coming from Angola around the city. At the top of the embankment, part of the future ring road will be modelled in 3D and built according to Oshakati's design master plan.
Key project issues include:
  • Defining the necessary measures to adapt community development to climate change, taking into account the relative urgency of the risks identified and available resources in collaboration with all local stakeholders;
  • Developing land use including better management of water resources: run-off, groundwater, rivers, estuaries, coastal waters and designing flood protection measures.

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