Protection and improvement of Bourg de la Ville beach

Protection and improvement of Bourg de la Ville beach
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Sustainable overseas territories 2018 contest

Joint 3rd Prize: Sainte-Anne, Guadeloupe

Sainte-Anne’s sea front, a symbol of the turquoise, fine sandy beaches that make Guadeloupe an international tourist destination, is currently faced with numerous challenges, including coastline erosion, unchecked urbanization and degradation of the coral reef. In order to address these issues, the town of Sainte-Anne has launched a project to protect and improve Bourg de la Ville beach, whose main objectives are to re-sand the sea front in order to slow down erosion, restore the site’s plant and marine life and sustainably develop the sea front. The project was carried out in partnership with public stakeholders, including the State, the region and the Architecture, Urban Planning and Environment Councils (CAUE).