Recytal®-ARM, a low-carbon road maintenance solution with vegetable binder

Eiffage Route, the road subsidiary of the Eiffage Group's Infrastructures division, attaches a strategic importance to respect for the environment. Also, while reducing the use of fossil fuels and fossil-based resources is essential, the R & D teams of Eiffage Route, which has its own research and study centers in Ciry-Salsogne in Aisne and at Corbas near Lyon, succeeded in substituting plant materials for bitumen and regenerating materials by means of plant binders not derived from petroleum.
Thus, in July 2018, Eiffage Route developed and tested in partnership with the bodies of the Gironde Departmental Council, the exclusive patent Recytal®-ARM process, which combines a bio-sourced vegetable binder derived from silviculture and paper industry byproducts, and a cold in place reprocessing method.
The works carried out in Gironde aimed at rehabilitating the 670 departmental road  located between Saint Jean de Blaignac and Sauveterre de Guyenne, in the heart of the Bordeaux vineyards, thanks to the 100% recycling of old damaged pavements and the use of agro-resources.
Recytal®-ARM differs from the usual techniques because it does not use any petrochemical resource and allows a 100% re-use of the existing pavement, thus putting an end to the use of non-renewable natural resources and the production of waste linked to the construction site.


Saint Jean de Blaignac, FR, France
Sauveterre-de-Guyenne, FR, France
Name of the referent for the contribution: 
Frédéric Loup
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